20th March 2024

I'm on maternity leave until Summer 2024 when I plan to gradually return to work starting with emails and dispensing to registered clients.

I hope to start taking on new clients in Autumn 2024 and running some workshops again.

Here is a link to help you find other local herbalists who may be available to help.


Rosy has been my herbalist for a few years now and I feel so grateful to have her support in my life. I came to the first session feeling emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed. It was near the end of winter which I always find taxing mentally and physically. Going to see Rosy was like a welcome balm. She has such a gentle and kind demeanour that I automatically connected with, I felt at complete ease in her presence. Her listening skills are great and she is so professional in the sessions, there is really the sense of the space being carved out just for me. I love her deep connection to the plants and her wise knowledge of the medicine that is needed for each individual. A wonderful bonus was the iridology session which used the colours and patterns in my eyes to derive information about my health. This connected me deeply to the water element and I see it as one of the catalysts for my love of the sea now and wild swimming. For me, plant medicine is a vital part of my self-care and I wouldn't be without it and I would highly recommend Rosy.

Orla Beaton, Yoga Teacher

I am forever grateful for the way in which Rosy holds space for my body, mind, and spirit to begin its healing journey. Her knowledge and deep relationship with plants have helped me greatly these past few years as I've struggled through menopause. Her whole body approach to healing with herbs is an incredible resource and gift for any person seeking herbalism as an option for health and healing.


My experience with your expertise as a Herbalist was certainly both enjoyable and healing. My symptoms were vastly reduced and alleviated during your treatment - you helped me reassess my health and diet.


Rosy is a very gentle intuitive herbalist. She shows such compassion and listens deeply to what you are saying. Rosy explains what herbs she will use and why, this makes me feel like I am in good professional hands. Rosy also suggests other ways to support my health and well-being. I love working with Rosy and know I have built a good relationship with her as my herbalist and I can contact her even if I haven’t seen her in months. I know if I need any herbal support I can contact her and she will do her best to support my needs.’


I’m so glad I discovered Rosy – It’s a precious thing at this point in time to have the option of natural remedies, practically on the door step, when max resilience is required. I feel so lucky! Here’s hoping that through Rosy’s gentle, kind and skillful ministrations the ethos will continue to grow far and wide.

Joyce Nicol


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