Wormwood Plant

Wormwood Plant


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From Falkland, Fife

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Artemisia absinthium

An upright perennial with silvery foliage that can grow up to 1m tall and spreads about half a meter wide. It prefers full sun and a well drained soil.

This is one of the most bitter plants used in modern herbal medicine. It stimulates the whole digestive system and can help to get your appetite back. It was traditionally used for removing worms and parasites from the body. I am interested in it's emotional use for facing bitter emotions and situations and working through depression, grief and loss. Not  recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Wormwood is a very very strong tasting bitter plant and it's nearly impossible to drink a cup of tea made from it! Use in very small doses for a mild tea, or make it into a tincture that allows you to use drop doses.


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