St Johns Wort

St Johns Wort


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From Falkland, Fife


Hypericum perforatum

A hardy perennial that grows 30-90cm and spreads 30cm. It will tolerate most soils and prefers a sunny spot, but can self seed in light soils. Will also grow in a container. Yelloe flowers in summer.

This herb has become renown for supporting depression. It is a deep tonic to the nervous system, which can help with anxiety, insomnia, low mood and SAD. It is also helpful for muscle and nerve pain internally and externally. I also use it for supporting the liver and solar plexus within hormone support formulas such as menopause.

Use the aerial parts as a tea or tincture or dry for later use. Make an infused oil or balm for external use, which is best made from the fresh flowers and left in the sun to infuse and create a beautiful red colour!


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