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From Falkland, Fife


Armoracia rusticana

Hoseradish is a hardy perennial that is a member of the brassica plant family. It grows 60-90cm tall and spreads via it's large roots, so you might want to contain this within your garden! It prefers a rich, moist soil and a sunny to dappled shady spot. It can be propagated by division or root cuttings.

This has a long history as a popular culinary herb used in horseradish sauce alongside meat to help stimulate and support digestion. It is a powerful herbal medicine for the sinuses and immune system (similar to taste and reaction to wasabi!) and can help relieve congestion.

I use horseradish roots to make 'fire cider' and horseradish infused vinegars in the autumn and winter as an immune support tonic, but it can also be used to make horseradish sauce or as a culinary herb.


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