Calendula (Marigold) Plant

Calendula (Marigold) Plant


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From Falkland, Fife

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Calendula officinalis

A beautiful orange flowering hardy annual that grows up to half a metre tall. It will grow in most soils and prefers a sunny position. If you keep picking the flowers, it will keep flowering. It also grows well in a big pot or window box.

In herbal medicine this plant is mainly used for supporting the skin and lymphatic system. It is helpful in healing wounds and is also antifungal and antibacterial. It can also be used to help support the digestive system.

The flowers can be picked fresh and used as edible flowers by sprinkling the petals salads or meals. A tea or tincture can be made out of the fresh flowers, or they can be dried and infused into an oil and further made into a skin healing balm.


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