Angelica archangelica plant

Angelica archangelica plant


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From Falkland, Fife

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Angelica archangelica

A tall growing biennial (1-2m). It grows to a large rosette of leaves in the 1st year and then erupts into a tall flower spike followed by large seeds the following year or after. This plant appreciates some shade and deep, moist and fertile soil. Save the seeds in the autumn to continue the lineage!

In herbal medicine angelica is used for the digestive system to help relieve gas and bloating and as a mild bitter to improve digestion. It may also be helpful for respiratory conditions, coughs and colds.

The fresh leaves can be used from the 1st year onwards in a tea, or made into a tincture or digestive bitter type tonic. The flowers, root and seeds can also be used and traditionally the stems were candied to use as confectionery!


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