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I offer Herbal Medicine consultations from a quiet and private room upstairs in the Pillars of Hercules Farm Shop and Cafe in Falkland, Fife on Tuesdays & Fridays.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation lasts 1-2 hours and I will ask you a lot of questions about your current and past health and diet and lifestyle, as well as using iridology as a non-invasive diagnostic technique to help me to make an assessment for your herb requirements. I will provide you with diet and lifestyle recommendations after this initial consultation as well as a 2 weeks supply of herbal medicine shortly after.

Follow-up Consultations

The follow-up consultation happens two weeks later to check in with how you've been getting on with the herbs and suggested changes. This usually takes 30-45 minutes and allows me to check that the herbs you are taking are well suited to you, as well as providing a chance for you to ask questions and for further recommendations. Treatment may be ongoing after this period and it depends on the individual how long they will need to continue taking herbs.

Covid-19 Update

Please note that I am currently only offering herbal consultations on Tuesdays & Fridays via video call or in-person at Pillars of Hercules subject to social distancing measures and good health. I am currently unable to offer iridology as part of the consultation unless a clear iris photograph can be provided up to 24hours before the consultation.


Initial Consultation(1-2hrs)£50
Follow Up Consultations(45mins)£25
Herbal Tincture 200ml(2 weeks supply)£10
Herbal Powder(2-4 weeks supply)£5
Herbal Infusion(2-4 weeks supply)£5

* I also offer low income rates because cost shouldn't be a barrier to getting the herbal healthcare you need. Contact me to find out more.

Herbal consultation room
Herbal dispensary