Potted Herbal Remedies

I grow and forage many of the plants used in my herbal dispensary & products and I also sell potted medicinal herb plants!

Medicinal Herb Growing

My growing space is currently based at Kilgour House Field in Falkland, but in 2022 I will be moving my plants to a new location in Falkland village.

Potted Remedies

I also maintain an additional propagation space at the Stables on the Falkland Estate, where ‘Potted Remedies’ is based. I collect seeds and cuttings from the plants I grow and then propagate them to supply potted medicinal herb plants available for you to buy and grow in your own garden!

These are available to click and collect from my online shop here.

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Potted Herbal Remedies
Potted herbal remedies
Potted herbal remedies


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