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I understand that it is a big decision to find someone to work together with on supporting your health, and sometimes the key is to find the right person for you. I am happy to have a chat as part of this process to allow you to ask questions and learn more about my approach, or understand if herbal medicine is right for you.

Please give me a call or get in touch to arrange a convenient time for a chat.

Update: January 8th 2024, I am not taking on new clients just now in preparation for maternity leave from 20th March 2024 because I like to allow at least 3 months for us to work together.

You can still book mini appointments for short term health issues and simple prescriptions or follow up appointments if you're already registered as a client.


Call me or whatsapp on 07990545654

Or leave a voice message or text and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible


Email me at


I also use facebook regularly, so feel free to message me there and please follow my page.

My therapy room and dispensary are located at the Pillars of Hercules farm shop cafe in Falkland, Fife.

Tuesdays 9-5, Thursdays 9-1 & Fridays 9-5

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