Summer Herbs and update

31st August 2020

It's been a great Summer for growing herbs and the herb field at Meadowsweet Organics is in full bloom just now with the echinacea in flower, the towering silvery mugwort and wormwood also budding and flowering along with lemonbalm, oregano, skullcap and agrimony to mention a few. This is the time when lots of nervous system support herbs are ready for harvest including; wood betony, skullcap, vervain, st johns wort, oats and mugwort. I was straining and bottling tinctures (herbs preserved in alcohol) the other day and I realised that all the herbs I was working with that day are for nervous system support, which is interesting because I think that's what a lot of people are in need of just now. Summers usually involve being more outward in energy, more work, longer days, more interactions and getting used to being around being and the stress, adaptation and anxiety of this new covid-19 integrated world. It's intriguing how herbs tend to be ready at the times when we need them the most; for example all the berries that will be ready in the coming months for nourishment and immune support like elderberry, and the cleansing herbs that come with the spring like nettles, which helps to refresh our bodies after a long sluggish winter. This is what my Seasonal Herbalism course that I've run for the past 4 years is all about. Unfortunatly I've had to cancel the Spring and Autumn dates this year due to Covid group size restrictions, but I'm currently exploring if an autumn date and immunity workshop could be on the cards..

I've continued to spend my Thursdays growing, harvesting, drying and tincturing herbs for use in my herbal practice and for the herbal tea blends and balms I'll be producing and selling in the coming months becuase it's been a quiet time for working as a herbalist. I am available for consultations in person once again at my clinic room upstairs at Pillars of Hercules on Fridays and have enhanced hygeine and social distancing measures in place, but I am also available for video consultations for those looking to minimise interactions. Unfortunatly I am unable to offer iridology at this time due to social distancing measures, unless you are able to send me clear eye photos. However, I wont be returning to my practise at Enlighten Cupar due to the additional time spent on public transport to travel there and back.

Please get in touch if you're interested to book a herbal consultation or find out more about what's involved.

I hope you're keeping well and thanks for reading!



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